Other regions

There are other regions that used the processing and part of the website code from this project show the cycling quality index for their city:

Please an issue or pull request on Github if you want to add your region to this page.

How to set up the data and website

Right now, we do not have the technical setup and capacity to setup or support other regions ourself. The initial project team – Alex and Tobias – published some priorities in the “next steps” blogpost.

However, this is all open source and open for collaboration:

  • The Vienna CQI Repo on Github is a great extract of the core functionality of this project as a stand alone website. It can be forked to create your own stand alone map ob the project.
  • You will have to create your own dataset for you region based on Alex’ QGIS script using Overpass and QGIS+Python. This will create a .geojson with custom attributes.
  • Afterwards you need to transform this geojson to pmtiles (this is Tobias’ script). The vienna project has a readme on this process. The pmtiles need to be hosted somehwere and linked in the code.
  • You can use github pages to host the website but the pmtiles is likely to large for Github, so you need some FTP- or S3-Space.

FYI, there is talk about how to make this project multi-regional.